About Us

Tax Advocates Association Gujarat is an Association of Tax Advocates / Consultants which is registered under the provisions of Bombay Trust Act, 1950 and under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961 having approximately 450 – 500 members registered with Bar Council of Gujarat..

Tax Advocates Association Gujarat was established in the year 1975. Since inception, it has been our endeavor to keep our Advocate Members and the public at large abreast and updated about the changes in Income Tax and Wealth Tax, effected through the Finance Act or otherwise.

Your Honor would appreciate the fact that we work as the connecting link between the Tax Assessees and the Tax Department.


1. To promote, enhance and safeguard the rights, privileges and interest of Advocate Members.

2. To create and footer a spirit of understanding and brotherhood amongst Advocate Members.

3. To create and foster a spirit of understanding between the Tax Authorities and tax payers.

4. To promote and establish the principles of ethical practice amongst the Advocate Members.

5. To provide a forum for the open discussions of all matters pertaining to taxation and/or of public interest provided, however, that party politics and sectarian religion shall not be debated by the Members.

6. To make representations and/or to offer suggestions to the appropriate authorities in the matter of the Advocate Members, Taxation and matters allied thereto.

7. To conduct discourses, seminars, symposiums and meetings on Tax Laws and organise academic, social and cultural activities to further the objects of the Association.

8. To constitute a fund for the purpose of attaining and furthering the objects of the Association and also for giving financial assistance to indigent and disabled members and/or his dependent and to raise money for such fund by arranging seminars, symposiums, conferences, show and true donations.

9. To purchase, sell, mortgage and/or take on lease immovable property for the purpose of attaining the objects of the Association.

10.To maintain a Library for the benefit of the Members.

11.To become member of and/or be associated with any other trade, commerce, professional, social and cultural Associations for the purpose of achieving the objects of the Associations.

12.To do all such things as are necessary incidental and/or conductive to the achievement of the aforesaid objects of the Association.